Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Big Chunks For The Frank-O-Files Out There

Frank Zappa

20 Years of Frank Zappa  Boxed Set

Disk 6  The Grank Wazoo Orchestra

side one
the new brown clouds
big swifty
for calvin & his next two hitchhikers

side two
think it over


1972/09/10 concert 'the hollywood bowl', los angeles, ca, usa

f.zappa, t.duran, d.parlato, j.gordon, r.underwood, t.raney, j.kessler , i.underwood, s.marquez, b.fowler, e.dumler, m.mcnabb, t.malone, g.ferris, j.mcnabb, k.shroyer, m.altschul, j.migliori, r.reed, c.owens  


Disk 7  Show & Tell

side one
redunzl [1]
cucamonga [1]
cucamonga again [1]
cover-ups [2]
end of florentine pogen [3]
instrumental jam [3]
a few minutes with norma bell [4]

side two
how could i be such a fool [4]
i ain't got no heart [4]
i'm not satisfied [4]
early packard goose [4]
black napkins [4]


[1] 1973/08/21 concert 'the skansen', stockholm, sweden 
f.zappa, t.fowler, r.humphrey, r.underwood, j.-l.ponty, i.underwood, g.duke  

[2] 1974/07/06 the koaz radio interview, little rock, arkensas

[3] 1974/10/30 concert 'the felt forum', nyc, ny, usa
f.zappa, t.fowler, c.thompson, r.underwood, n.m.brock, g.duke  

[4] 1975/10/31-E- concert 'the felt forum', ny, ny, usa
f.zappa, r.estrada, t.bozzio, n.m.brock, a.lewis, n.j.bell


Disk 8  The Night Of The Iron Sausage

side one
lonely little girl [1]
take your clothes off when you dance
what's the ugliest part of your body
chunga's revenge

side two
disco boy
i promise not to come in your mouth
wild love


[1] 1975/10/31-E- concert 'the felt forum', nyc, ny, usa
f.zappa, r.estrada, t.bozzio, n.m.brock, a.lewis, n.j.bell  

[2] 1977/10/31 concert 'the hartford civic center', connecticut, usa
f.zappa, a.belew, p.o'hearn, t.bozzio, e.mann, t.mars, p.wolf & r.estrada



Anonymous said...

Hi - the link to Disc 8 seems to le4ad to disc 7. Has anyone else noticed this.

Thanks for the stuff so far!

Trustar said...


Give it another try. Blogger crunches things together a bit. The links are at the end of each disks contents and keys. I d/l it again myself and it worked fine.