Saturday, December 20, 2008

No Matter What Language or Where It Comes From,It's All Surf


Surf Guitar (CD-R)


The band, formed with the intention of playing instrumental surf music (rock Californian of the years 60) the group is presented in different scenarios de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires and the Atlantic Coast of Argentina from the year 2002. With a repertoire of themes from The Shadows, The Ventures, Dick Dale and The Astronauts in the year 2003 Graban "Surf Guitar" and present it in the Rojas Cultural Center in a show with "The supersonic" (Uruguay). En 2005 lanzan "Take a trip" their first official cd. If original and emphasize the themes of the versions of Henry Mancini and Astor Piazzolla. Share shows with Cienfuegos, Massacre, Mimi Maura, The storm, Los Kahuna and Flavio Casanova among other artists. During 2005 and 2006 Abisal form part of the soundtrack of the following tv shows: "MDQ for the whole world" and "CHAU SUNDAY" .. In April 2008 vuelven the scenarios with the new formation and enter the studies TIXA to record new material (TSUNAMI) .... (Translated via Google Translator)

1   Rise 'n Fall

2   Torque Wrench

3   Pipeline

4   Mr. Moto

5   Casbah

6   Apache

7   Beyond Zone X

8   Midnight

9   Kon Tiki

10 Atlantis

11  Wipe Out

12  Boss

13  Kawanga

14  Werewolf