Thursday, December 11, 2008

On The 12th Day of Christmas Trustar Gave To Me...

Frank Zappa

20 Years of Frank Zappa   Boxed Set

Disk 3  The Cucamonga Era

side one
the masters: breaktime
baby ray & the ferns: how's your bird
baby ray & the ferns: the world's greatest sinner
ned & nelda: hey nelda
ned & nelda: surf along
the heartbreakers: everytime i see you
bob guy: dear jeepers
bob guy: letters from jeepers
brian lord & the midnighters: the big surfer

side two
the penguins: memories of el monte
the hollywood persuaders: grunion run
the hollywood persuaders: tijuana surf
mr.clean: mr.clean
mr.clean: jessie lee
the rotations: heavies
the hollywood persuaders: drums-a-go-go
the hollywood persuaders: hot water
brian lord & the midnighters: not another one
the masters: sixteen tons


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for these posts - I recently lost my hard drive which held most of my surf stuff and a treasure trove of Zappa material - this is a great way to start rebuilding.


Duncanmusic said...

Yeah, now this is the stuff that interests me...the stuff that led to what came later. I used to have a few of these Original Sound 45s and really dug the missing link aspect that surrounded these numbers for so many years for Zappa collectors. We all were astounded when we found another example of Zappa's genius.
Thanks. This I will grab!