Saturday, December 13, 2008

On The 13th Day of Christmas Trustar Gave To Me...

Frank Zappa

20 Years of Frank Zappa   Box Set

Disk 4  Gas Mask

side one
the eye of agomato [1]
my guitar [1]
chanting [1]
dead air [1]
audience participation [1]
untitled section [1]

side two
the eric dolphy memorial barbecue [1]
hungry freaks daddy [1]
return of son of hunchback duke (aka the duke, little house i used to live in) [1]
the story of a pound for a brown on the bus [2]


[1] 1969/05/23 concert 'university of wisconsin', appleton, usa

[2] 1969/06/06 concert 'the royal albert hall', london, uk

f.zappa, r.estrada, j.c. black, a.tripp, i.underwood, d.preston, bunk gardner, j.sherwood


Timmy said...

It is always good to douse oneself in ancient Mothers Of Invention, even if it is not of the best quality. Zappa's music is of excellence on a par that transends bad quality. So go ahead, dive in. Thanx for this posting! Truely a grand Christmas gift.