Thursday, August 28, 2008

"The Pallbearers Are Coming, The Pallbearers Are Coming"

Fortune & Maltese and The Phabulous Pallbearers
Fortune & Maltese have been cranking out their take on Paul Revere & The Raiders for several years producing a handful of tracks on various 45s and comps. This CD contains the 19 tracks that made up their Screaming Apple LP plus a previously unreleased track, 'Louise.' While their style has the authentic '60s sound, they have the energy of modern garage bands like the Cynics or Chesterfield Kings.

1. Wig Wam Promo
2. Wig Wam
3. No Dice
4. Fools' Gold
5. Gone, Gone, Gone
6. Wicked Weed
7. Take My Word
8. Don't Mind If I Do
9. Kent Berglund Action Man
10. Let's Dance
11. Bamboozled Again
12. Low Man
13. Try a Little Harder
14. I Just Don't Care
15. Chase You
16. I Found a New Love
17. Golden Arm
18. Bummer
19. Black Hood
20. Toc
21. Louise


Toxxy said...

D*mn fine post Trustar, this should be a great listening here on Saturday morning :-)


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