Sunday, August 31, 2008

Don't Go Anywhere Without Your Tide Charts

Swivlin' Wahini

Two discs, 35 tracks of every variety of surf you can ask for. There is the traditional beach party variety, then there is sci-fi surf, then some surf exotica, followed perhaps by some raging staccato surf insanity, or maybe an almost jazzy type of movie soundtrack surf. It is all here, bands such as Urban Surf Kings, The Del-Vamps, The Aquamen, The Deadcats, Johnny and the Shamen, Splashback, Las Patatas Bravas, Swamp Donkeys, Lonely Nights, and many more. The Swamis deliver a mixture of surf and ska that is really damn cool, and Slacktone do a song that reminds me of riding a mule into town on a beautiful sunny day to pick up some chicken feed. The Balboas crank out a nice tune that would go well with genetic experimentation, and The Exotics’ song is like cruising through the Alps on a flying camel. You see, that’s what is great about surf instros, you get all these crazy visuals without the aid of hallucinogenic drugs. Austin Transit Authority plays the sonic equivalent of driving a big rig to Roswell and being abducted by the same group who took Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa. The Bone Sharks tune could underscore your next bull fight, and The Waistcoats might go well with time travel to ancient Arabia where you’d cruise the landscape on trans-dimensional rocket with a busty belly-dancer clinging to your back. This CD is very recommended, even if it is hard to describe. -BL
The two discs are divided up into High Tide and Low Tide
Low Tide
High Tide