Monday, August 25, 2008

By Popular Demand - More Seks Bomba

Seks Bomba
Somewhere In This Town

by Stewart Mason
What makes Seks Bomba's "surf-spy-lounge rock" different than, say, their fellow New Englanders Combustible Edison? Mostly that the music is less swimming in irony, tries less for the whole retro-kitsch thing, and rocks considerably harder. (Dig the opening rave-up "Bomba Au Go-Go" for proof.) Even the swankiest pieces on their second album, like the Brazilian-touched "Matt's Bossa," swing, thanks in large part to Lori Perkins' Walter Wanderley-like Hammond organ. Her flute parts add another authentic touch to the proceedings. The trio of covers, Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Agua de Beber," Bacharach/David's "Casino Royale," and Henry Mancini's "Charade," show where the group's influences lay. Guitarist Chris Cote's Willie Alexander-meets-Brian Seltzer voice moves the small handful of vocal tracks, especially "Happy Hour," a little too far into Cherry Poppin' Daddies territory, but on the instrumentals, Somewhere in This Town is a dynamite blast of party rock fun.

1. Bomba au Go Go
2. Happy Hour
3. It Takes Two to Tango
4. 5-0-5!!!
5. Morfina
6. Love Me (Parts 1&2)
7. Sicilian Civilian
8. I.R.O.C.
9. Strangely Familliar
10. Agua de Beber :: Water To Drink
11. Casino Royale
12. Charade
13. Fresh Perked
14. Somewhere in This Town


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Very good. Thank you.
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