Sunday, August 31, 2008

Surf-Melodien Aus Dem Vaterland

The Orgaphonics
Sunset Rider

"Here is finally makes an instrumental surf band from our latitudes with the world's Looney Tunes, Dynotones and Bambi Molesters. Their songs are deep and blue as the ocean. They have exactly the Gitarrentwang the Surf Music needs, as well as an organ. Incorporated with Vinatgeinstrumenten to the authentic sound. The whole is then seasoned with an exotic Tiki note, as we are so far only from the early works of the Fifty Foot Combo knew. It covers a very successful and stylish: The Trashmen, Surfmen, surfing and appreciate Raiders on its cover of Astronauts, of Night Riders, to Chantays and Phantom Surfers and who referred to all sizes abfährt, will also be a cool Orgaphonics Beach & cocktail party. " Swamp

01. First Place Knockout
02. Lonestar
03. Sunset Rider
04. Trafficantes
05. Hot Rod
06. El Toro
07. Astro
08. Downfeel
09. Swamis Reef
10. Sad Survivor
11. Harmonizer
12. Malaguena
13. Roll Over Mozart
14. 5 A.M.


Anonymous said...

This is the best modern surf album I've heard. Authentic sounding, very well played. This is absolutely fantastic. Thank you for posting! Is there anything else there that sounds as authentic as this and is as well played and sounds like the 1963/5 in the production qualities???


Trustar said...

Thanks for droping in Karl.

Lots to choose from here. Might just have to collect them all to find the sound your looking for. I would suggest Bambi Molesters, Slacktone, The Fathoms and hoards more.