Sunday, August 03, 2008

You Say You Can't Get Enough Of Satan's Pilgrims?

Satan's Pilgrims
Plymouth Rock: The Best of Satan's Pilgrims

by Richie Unterberger
Offering something for both the selective collector and the completist, disc one of this two-CD set compiles 18 tracks from the instrumental group's 1994-1999 albums, while disc two assembles rare, previously unreleased, and newly recorded material. Though almost all original compositions are featured, the unwary might not guess that these were either originals or 1990s recordings, so accomplished is the group's retro-surf (with other influences creeping in from early-'60s Pacific Northwest rock, horror movies, Joe Meek productions, Davie Allan, and the mid-'60s power chording of the Kinks). It was too late to reinvent the wheel on this sort of thing, but it's performed with style and confidence, with plenty of dripping reverb and splashing drums. The rarer stuff on disc two is pretty similar to the more widely exposed items on CD one, in both style and quality. Even enthusiastic fans of the band might have missed some of the three previously released tracks on the rarities disc, as those were taken from out of the way various-artists comps and a 1994 single. Of note to those who follow these particular pilgrims' progress is the appearance of four tracks that represent the group's first new recordings in over half a decade. Finally, disc two also has ten minutes of enhanced CD video footage that scrapes together fragments of several songs the band performed live between 1994 and 2000, the live concert clips being of considerably lower fidelity than the TV ones.

CD 1
1 Vampiro
2 ¿Que Honda?
3 Plymouth Rock
4 Super Stock
5 Grave-Up
6 La Cazuela
7 The Godfather (Theme)
8 Bossa BSA
9 Peter Lorre
10 Creature Feature
11 Shit Sandwich
12 Chi Chi
13 Soul Pilgrim
14 Badge of Honor
15 Surf Lyre
16 The Lonely Pilgrim
17 Ragtop
18 Scorpio 6
CD 2


biomizeravel said...

this is one of my favorites surf band!! dowload it !! you'll enjoy for sure!!!!!!!!!!! yo nice blog man real fucking good one!!!

Toxxy said...

D*mn nice post! Great album! Lovely bitrate! Thx & cheers Trustar!

Guillermo said...

great band!, thanks, by the way, maybe im nuts, but the cover reminds me the Farenheit 451 movie XD

Anonymous said...

wow...thank you so much for this :)

Paul said...

Very happy to see that the links for this album are still available. Cheers for sharing, and for the great site!