Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Surfin' The Rockies

The Aquasonics
Play Songs For The Surfin' Set
Take a wild ride back to the early 1960’s when every state in the U.S.A. had an ocean. The Reverb-laden, instrumental sound of Surf Guitars was not restricted to the west coast but swept through the nation like a giant wave.From the streamline grace of “Pipeline” to the brash pummel of “Wipeout” to the majestic wallop of “Miserlou” it was the instrumental blasts that truly sounded the Pacific’s and the nations roar.
It was a full-blown phenomenon! The Fracas spread to thousands of upstart inland Hodad bands like The Trashmen and the Astronauts who were from Colorado just like the Surf band of present, The AquaSonics.The AquaSonics are the landlocked Surf band from the Mile High City of Denver Colorado who has enjoyed great success playing Surf music throughout the state, shoot’in the curl through the mountains and plains.
We have been around the better part of the twenty first century and have played just about every major venue in the area including Red Rocks Amp. Theater and Denver Center of the performing arts. We have opened for los StraitJackets, Big Sandy and the Fly-rite boys and Deke Dickerson to name a few.
1 Hot Doggin'
2 Down Shiftin'
3 The Lonely Apache
4 Movin'
5 Surf Softly
6 Mexico
7 Kuk
8 The Cruel Sea
9 Our Favorite Martian
10 Squad Car
11 Journey To The Stars
12 The Hearse
13 The Infintile Surf
14 The Spanish Blue
15 The Jester


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