Friday, August 08, 2008

And Finishing Up With My Favorite Zappa Album

Frank Zappa & The Mothers
Filmore East June 1971

"We are not groupies!"

You need to set this one up to play the whole album in sequence. There is order in chaos!

by Steve Huey
As an enduring work, Fillmore East: June 1971 is a mixed bag, but it does represent the peak of the Flo & Eddie edition of the Mothers. Most of the songs are essentially comedy routines set to music, often dealing with the life of a touring rock musician and, of course, the various opportunities for sexual adventure therein; in one scenario, Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan reprise their Turtles hit "Happy Together" in exchange for sexual favors. The humor is often glib and juvenile, marking the beginnings of Frank Zappa's tactic of making complex music more accessible with half-sardonic arena-frontman antics and crowd-pleasing dirty jokes. Whether one considers the results funny and parodic or crass and pandering, the band is undeniably good, especially as showcased on "Little House I Used to Live In," "Willie the Pimp, Pt. 1," and "Peaches en Regalia."

1 Little House I Used to Live In
2 The Mud Shark
3 What Kind of Girl Do You Think We Are?
4 Bwana Dik
5 Latex Solar Beef
6 Willie the Pimp
7 Do You Like My New Car?
8 Happy Together
9 Lonesome Electric Turkey
10 Peaches en Regalia
11 Tears Began to Fall