Monday, December 17, 2007

What Do They Put On French Fries In Norway?

The Samuel Jackson Five
Easily Misunderstood
The Samuel Jackson Five, or the SJ5, started up a couple of years ago as a failed drum’n’bass-project. After numerous changes in material, instruments, visions and band members, we've finally released our debut album. It has received good reviews and enabled us to do a fair amount of gigs. The Samuel Jackson Five have always been an alternative to the mainstream acts and see no reason to change that now. We let each individual explore and push their own limits, without losing focus on the melody. The outcome is ever changing but often leads to ethereal, experimental, improvised, dynamic music. Or at least thats what we think.
1 Skinflick Dress Rehearsal
2 If You Show Off The Milk, Who's Gonna Buy The Cow
3 Easily Misunderstood
4 Charlie Foxtrot Queen
5 Person Most Likely To Enjoy The Taste Of Human Flesh
6 Unimog
7 No Name
8 Song For Sarah
9 Psycho Derelict
10 Michael Collin's Autograph
11 Switch Ambulance Trip