Saturday, December 15, 2007

Eddie Angel
Eddie Angel's Guitar Party

by Richie Unterberger
Los Straitjackets' guitarist Eddie Angel's solo outing offers an acceptably authentic homage to greasy instrumental 1950s rock & roll, largely though not wholly comprised of original material. Angel's biggest influence is the scratchy, distorted guitar of Link Wray, but there's also some grinding R&B roadhouse in the saxophone of Morrissey sideman Boz Boorer. Floating around in the mix are echoes of the surf era ("Kawanga") and tinges of exotica sleaze ("Casbah") and horror movie soundtrack creepiness. For all that, it doesn't have the menace or innovation of those old Link Wray records, though it has a heartfelt sense of fun. It's also hard to imagine any surf or instrumental rock band titling one of its songs "Topless Beach," as one of these tracks is named.

1 Thunder
2 Police Raid on Toe Rag
3 Kawanga!
4 Brawl
5 Caveman
6 Beyond Zone X
7 Werewolf
8 Itchy Chicken
9 Mumbling Beatnik
10 Topless Beach
11 Casbah
12 Jurassic Beat
13 No Money
14 Take It Off
15 Toe Rag Rumble
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Toxxy said...

Must be good, real good!, gonna check this one out, thx very much Trustar :-)

PS. I'll always be in touch ;-)

Teisco said...

beyond zone x is so damn cool! ;-)


brandonio said...

This is a true classic, Eddie at his finest moment.At least that's my opinion.this has been played many a time at some party's I've thrown.