Friday, December 21, 2007

OK Gracie, Now It's Christmas Time

One of my other areas of hoarding is with old radio shows. I have a modest collection of comedy shows with many "crime" shows like Boston Blackie, The Shadow, The Thin Man and others. Wanted to begin sharing a few of these here at the appropriate times.

The first one is a Burns and Allen Christmas show from 1936. Burns, as in George Burns. You know, the old guy who played God (for the younger set). So d/l and curl up next to the fireplace, close your eyes, and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Great blog, any chance you have the album from Phono-Comb - Fresh Gasoline

Dgrador said...

I like the radio show idea, just in case you want to run with it on occasion.

Trustar said...

Sorry, no Phono-Comb...yet. Anyone???

Senor P Dgrador
Good to hear from you amigo.
Thanks for the note on the radio shows. Just trying to keep the folks happy with something old!

Salud P

raimund said...

really enjoyed your posts -- if you enjoy the burns and allen show, you might want to checkout - they have a 'daily' section which seems to be running mostly christmas shows all this month.

Trustar said...

Thanks for the info raimund. I'll check it out. Glad you liked the posts here. Stay tuned for more goodies in '08!