Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Whys Right In Your Own Home!!

The Whys
From Fukuoka, Japan
Ruiko was influenced from Trashmen. Naomi was from Dick Dale.Since 1999, we started with other woman drummer. Yuta joined it in 2003. He wear woman's disguise at the start. However, he entreated it, and it was dressed like a man!2003,we joined GOGGLE-A's 'SAZANAMI LABEL' comp CD.2004, Phill Dirt 'Reverb Central' gave "SURF OPERA 4 stars.2006,we release new CD 'THE WHYS Sanjo!'
1 Por Que
2 Makka Na Taiyo
3 Sunset Party
4 Oh! Ninja
5 Bye Bye Beach
6 Bye Bye Beach
7 Satsujin Taiyo
8 Minato De Sasareta Otok
9 Surf Opera
10 Ebola Beach


Nathan said...

what is the password to the file?

Trustar said...

No password, this link has gone dead due to the 60+ days w/o a d/l. Will try to re-up it this weekend.


Random said...

Could I get you to upload that one more time, brother?

I've been trying to hunt this one down for ages.

Trustar said...


I reupped this jewel again in May. Just search "Don't ask Why" and let it take you away.



juanitomaniaco said...

would you please reupuload this file again? or somebody who got this, please