Monday, December 10, 2007

How Very Creepy!

The Creepniks
Graveyard Shindig

Thanks go out to C-500 for this jewel.
A rather refreshing change-up from the typical Misfit-ed doowoppery that typically comes with bright green covers, drippy logos and vows of containing "pure rock & roll terror!!!", The Creepniks exude an interesting mulch of twangin' surf rock, parmesan-dusted spaghetti western strummery and WAY gone psychobilly slobbering. While the demoniacal Dick Dale-ing of "Surfin' With Satan" proved my favorite out of nine, there's no denying that the ravioli'd rumblage of "Pale Rider" and "Zombie Stomp" are sure to make Sergio Leone drum along on his coffin lid as well. "Vocalist" Johnny Lockjaw is mercifully used rather sparingly - appearing on just over half of GRAVEYARD SHINDIG's tracks. With a croon that artfully blends the talents of Lux Interior, Tom Waits and a pregnant manatee coping with Down's Syndrome while being broiled alive in dill butter, Lockjaw's talents are best shaken rather than stirred and, in spite of themselves, make for the most memorable portions of these ptomaine-tainted Texans' debut offering. While not something I'll bust out with the regularity of... say... The Cramps, Mr. Waits, or any of a variety of cruelly slaughtered Florida fauna, GRAVEYARD SHINDIG succeeded in dodging my preconceived stereotypes and is most likely sure to please any horrorbillypsychopunks out there looking for a new kinda voodoo-broo to fix up with.
Horrorwood Babbleon - September 2005

1. Zombie Stomp
2. Shadow Over Elkhart
3. Pale Rider
4. Surfin' With Satan
5. Hellbent Sickobilly
6. Zombie Kinda Love
7. El Gringo Loco
8. Freaky Friday
9. How Do You Sleep?