Monday, December 10, 2007

Like A Mai Tai Spiked With Vicodin

The Vanduras
In The Dark

Brace yourself, this is a darker beach party where the Mai-Tai's are spiked with Vicodin and no ones really sure who's good, bad or ugly.

If anyone could creep up and offer you a glimpse into the void, it would most certainly be 'The Vanduras.' The enchanting melodies on their new album, 'In The Dark' combine the essence of surf-noir and spaghetti-western with a twist of exotic schmaltz. The Vanduras go for the jugular and create an instrumental album that is anything but uneasylistening.

1 In the Dark
2 La Planche
3 The Big Hurt
4 El Monte
5 Cybele's Reverie
6 Lost Beach
7 Dinner With Robert
8 Charlotte
9 Sarajevo Rose
10 Rope'n Pineapples
11 Theme For Troubled Teens
12 Atomic
13 Levitare'