Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Whys - live at Purple Orchid in El Segundo, CA

You gotta see them!
Turned on to this group by the ever-rotting, Al Zombie.


Sandman said...

This is too cool - did I get it right from the next post these are guys dressed as ladies? Any how wish I was there

Trustar said...


The only group member thats been in drag is the drummer. This was just a stunt that they messed with. The lead guitarist and bass player are both reeel purrdy girls too!

Check out some of the other flix on YouTube. I have the music for the show at the Purple Orchid that was extracted from the clips. Sounds pretty damn good though.


Lazar said...

My God, they are great!!!

This is the OLD SCHOOL SURF SOUND I was looking for :)

Thanks for the post I am now downloading their album.