Monday, January 26, 2009

You Need More Than A Gun On This Safari

The Surf Trio

Sufari In A Living Graveyard



Taking the Ramones' retro-'50s and early-'60s obsessions to their logical conclusion, Portland, OR's the Surf Trio (who actually have four members) play a brand of catchy, energetic garage punk, owing much to surf pop and instrumental artists like the Beach Boys, the Ventures, and Link Wray. Most of the Surf Trio's songs are written by either bassist/vocalist Jeff Martin or guitarist/vocalist Ron Kleim, with the occasional cover thrown into the mix. After a self-titled EP for Moxie in 1985, the Surf Trio recorded the full-length Almost Summer for Voxx in 1986, followed by Safari in a Living Graveyard for Moxie two years later. Forbidden Sounds appeared in 1999 on the Dionysus label.

  1 Hang Ten   
  2 Skaterdater  
  3 Girl with No Name
  4 Gold Beach  
  5 Another Song Called Over the Edge  
  6 Never Gonna Hold Me
  7 Mile Zero  
  8 Go, Go, Go  
  9 Barbary Coast  
  10 Deep in Your Eyes  
  11 Something Like an Angel  
  12 Walking to Florida  
  13 Couldn't Care Less  
  14 Let Her Dance  
  15 Starlight Place  
  16 My Real World  
  17 Is My Girl Really Gone  
  18 Out of Limits



nshumate said...

One of my all-time favorites -- I originally had this on cassette, then upgraded to the CD when the cassette wore out.

Trustar said...


Ya gotta keep em up to date anymore. Good listening in any format.

Thanks for dropping in.