Saturday, January 31, 2009

So You Think Your Tough Do Ya?

The Charles Napiers

Sinister Organisation


A big sloppy thank you to AlZombie for some much needed file clean-up help.

The Charles Napiers were a 'Mondo Wray' instrumental band that existed from 1991 to 2005. In those 14 years we NEVER played a single vocal number. Can you name any other instrumental band who resisted the temptation of the microphone for that length of time? No, thought not. And other than a couple of regrettable drunken occasions, we never spoke between songs. The reason why? Because there's nothing worse than watching a decent band on stage but having to put up with some tool saying 'This next one's called blah blah blah, hope you like it' or some similar cobblers.

The Napiers were:

Guitar: Dan Whaley (1991-2005)

Guitar: Clive Pearman (1991-1995)

Bass: John Skittles (1991-2005)

Drums: Danny O'Brien (1991-2000)
Guitar: Lee Duggan (1995-2005)

Drums: Sophie Skittles (2000-2003)

1 Secret Agent Man

2 The Sinister IV

3 Let Yourself Go

4 Fucked Up Fords

5 Ouverture

6 It Had Better Be Tonight

7 From Russia With Love

8 Be My Baby

9 The Ballad of Rock Ridge

10 You Only Live Twice

11 Eat Lead

12 Vendetta

13 L'amour La Mort

14 The Jap Spy

15 What'd I Say

16 Stoned

17 Boys

18 Shot By Both Sides



RYP said...

Superb, mate! Thanks a lot for the Napiers! I was looking for this since years!

Brandonio! said...

I have loved this band for a decade now.Totally underrated.

Surf said...

can u please repost this one, too?