Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Teaching Young Dogs Old Tricks

Pavlov's Woodie



Ripped @320 by Meistro Teisco del Mar.  Salud

The Pavlov Institute Of Reverb Therapy presents Pavlov's Woody covering many traditional tunes with just enough individuality to keep them fresh.

While a disc of covers can be a turnoff to some, when a band personalizes each track like this, giving it a new face while retaining the original kernel, it can be a rewarding adventure.

Phil Dirt - Reverb Central

1 Lumpy Gravy
2 White Water
3 Ramrod
4 Mr Moto
5 Banzai Pipeline
6 Switchblade 
7 El Conquistador
8 Guitarget
9 Peter Gunn
10 Paradise Cove
11 Surf Odyssey
12 Goofy Foot
13 Soul Surfer
14 Surface Tension
15 Scratch
16 Ace of Spades
17 Pipeline
18 Nebulizer
19 Extremely Lumpy Gravy 
20 Soul Surfin'
21 Surf Rider
22 Pintor
23 Surfing Drums