Saturday, January 10, 2009

There's Gold In Our Past

American Surf Treasures  Vol 1

Paul Johnson’s importance to the development of surf-instrumental music, more specifically South Bay Surf, cannot be overstated. His contributions to the genre actually helped to create and establish the music as viable source of entertainment for teenagers nationwide during the early sixties. He is so important in fact, he stands side by side with The Ventures, The Shadows, Merrell Fankhauser, and Link Wray as one of the true pioneers and innovators of musical genre that has a colorful past and continues to grow and evolve today. 

These two CDs are surely "American Surf Treasures" as they state. Volume one covers PJ’s work and his time spent with The Galaxies and Art Fisher of the Journeyman. It also gives you some choice cuts from the vaults of the Journeyman. Its obvious the admiration and respect PJ had for Artie and his group, not by only listing them as key players on this compilation, he also ask Artie to join him on some choice tracks of his own design. 

PJ was ready to grow and move on as a developing and influential guitar player at all times, hence his continuing evolution in several different groups and metamorphosis into a fabulous solo career that is going with a full head of steam to this day (check out his MP3 site).

PJ & The Galaxies

1. Tally Ho 
2. Andele 
3. Rise And Fall Of Flingel Blunt 
4. The Shimmy (AKA Side Two) 
5. Wild Goose 
6. The Moldau 
7. One Mint Julep 
8. Rockin’ Pneumonia & The Boogie Woogie Flu 
9. Big Shot 
10. Scouse 
11. Lanky Bones 
12. Comin’ Home Baby 
13. Belly Button 
14. Ramrod 

PJ & Artie

15. Vamonos 
16. (It’s Gonna) Work Out Fine 
17. Squad Car 
18. Mariah 
19. Fink 

The Journeyman

20. Work Out 
21. Bag’s Groove 
22. Surfer’s Blues 
23. Surfer’s Rule 
24. Artie’s Blues 
25. Rum Runner


Badseed said...

The Journeyman are great. Thank you for another good and new example of an unknown band (to me at least).