Friday, January 16, 2009

Come 'N Git Your Bubba On

Bubbapalooza Vol 1  Cronicle Of The Redneck Underground


I've had this on my iPod constantly for over two years now and always get a big smile on my face when any of these tunes come on.

1 Loweena, the Urban Redneck Queen      Deacon Lunchbox
2 Fakin' It      Vidalias  
3 Mama Was a Dancer at the Clermont Lounge      Redneck Greece Delux
4 George Jones (Has Never Sung About My Girl)      Slim Chance and the Convicts  
5 Can't Find a Place to Stay      Steam Donkeys  
6 Outta Town      Jennie B., Speedbillies  
7 Rockabilly Show      Blacktop Rockets
8 2 Pigs in a Blanket/She's My Little Biscuit Eater      Southern Culture on The Skids 
9 Cabbagetown      Delta Angels  
10 Napoleon      Scott Miller  
11 Candy Kisses      Greasetrap  
12 She's Breakin' My Heart (While I'm Drinkin' Her Beer)      Diggers


Sorry folks. Somehow WinRAR set this up with a "mystery" password. I am redoing the archive file and re-uploading to RS. Will repost as soon as it's done.  20 people are gonna be pissed but most of you know I never use passwords on these files.

Thanks go to oraclemonkey for clueing me in.

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Mia culpa!


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!great's now in my for the big there a vol. 2??(or more?)..thanks

Traitor Vic said...

Ah, yes! I was once a bit of a regular at the ol' Claremont, myself. I tell ya what... If this record don't get you in the mood to drink you some Moonshine you must live where they don't make the stuff.

Trustar said...


You used to hang at the Clairmont???
You could be my daddy!

It's no wonder we like this album.