Wednesday, January 07, 2009


When I Grow Up To Be A Man


Eleven guitar instrumental surf bands each offering two tracks of some of their best efforts. Most are of the double-picking-Dick-Dale style with the exception of those by The Knights who specialize in more of a laid-back easy listening expression. This is a must for all surf-guitar-instro fans.


Storm Rider / Dragon Wagon (9th Wave)

Little MGB / Wild Surf (The Waistcoats)

Happy As A Clam / Shrimp Cocktail (Kelp)

Lucky Surfer / Barbie's Coat (The Brainwashers)

El Cheapo / Sharkman (The Lombego Surfers)

General Ursus / Eat Skin, Drink Blood (The Dead Barons)

Surfin' The Rio Grande / Here Today Gone Tomorrow (The Knights)

Area 51 / Surf Hammer (Big Ray & The Futuras)

Cement Shoes / The Outsider (The Neptunes)

Deep Eddy / No Mr Bond, I Expect You To Surf (Squid Vicious)

Devilfish / Pitchfork (The Brimstones)




Brandonio! said...

Cool Beans Trustar! I never heard of this one.It looks like a stomper.