Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Gold From The Past

American Surf Treasures Vol 2

Volume two gives you a glimpse of some of the more progressive groups of the time chosen by PJ to record and be guided by his musical genius in the studio. The Nocturnes, Vibrants, Wheely McSidewalk & The Ball Bearings (how do you like that name!), and the Revelairs are given equal time with their priceless songs. It proves the influence, importance and respect that PJ had from his peers in the genre early on. 

Some of these songs are surprisingly rocking for the time they were recorded. You can tell that the playing is slightly restrained so they would not veer off too far into the rock and roll sound that soon derail the surf-instro music phenomenon dead in its tracks. 

Volume one has twenty-five tracks while volume two is bulging with twenty-eight tracks. How could I possible sight any one song as a standout? They are all a timeless pieces of surf-instrumental history that are forever linked together. There was not one song that I didn’t enjoy. That says a lot for the selection and quality of the songs and the sound. The only drawback to the entire set is that the folks at Gee-Dee ignored PJ’s request to proof read the liner notes. It’s rife with errors. It’s a shame because it is very interesting and great reading that could have been given the care it deserved to go along with the immense quality and significance of the collection. It’s easy enough error to overlook when you sit and listen to the music, so don’t let that stop you from picking up these priceless gems.

The Nocturnes

1. Third Star To The Left 
2. Sticky 
3. Baha-Ree-Ba! 
4. Space Probe 
5. Surfer Street 
6. Midnight Run 
7. Journey To The Stars 
8. HonkyTonk 
9. Comin’ Home Baby 
10. Wipeout 
11. Shootin’ The Pier 

Wheely McSidewalk & The Ball Bearings

12. Memphis Beat 
13. Funky Beat 
14. Surf Beat 

The Revelairs

15. San-Ho-Zay 
16. Hawaiian Warchant 
17. Ridin’ High 
18. Skokiaan 


19. Scorpion 
20. Zorchy 
21. Stomp Crazy 
22. Wild Fire 
23. The Breeze 
24. Fuel Injection 

The Revelairs

25. Whispering 
26. Theme From "Blacksaddle" 
27. Dark Eyes 
28. The Cruel Sea


Rockinbee said...

Hi Guys,
These are both excellent surf comps. For your info they were originally released in 1995 as "Rare Surf" volume 1 and 2 on AVI, (which is apparantly out of business). So this is an excellent chance to get them now.

Rock On!


KL from NYC said...

Thanks very much. I hadn't seen these before.
KL from NYC

Anna said...

Awesome! Thank you!