Friday, January 09, 2009

A Prince Of A Different Color

Naka Shigeo

Naka Shigeo Plays Paul Mauriat 


Once again, exciting treasures found in my mailbox from Al Zombie. Shrieks a lot Al.

For those of you maybe not familiar, Naka is the awsome guitarist for The Surf Coasters. Dubbed "The Prince Of The Surf Guitar" by none other then The King, Dick Dale, Naka brings his versions of 5 Paul Mauriat tunes.

1. オリーブの首飾り 試聴する 
2. 蒼いノクターン 試聴する 
3. 涙のトッカータ 試聴する 
4. その風のメヌエット 試聴する 
5. 恋はみずいろ 試聴する

For those of you that are a little rusty with your Japanese

1. oriibu no kubikazari (Necklace of Olives, also known as "Penelope")
2. aoi nocturne (Blue Nocturne, also known as "Nocturne")
3. namida no toccata (Toccata of Tears, also known as "Toccata")
4. soyokaze no minuetto (Gentle Breeze Minuetto, also known as "Minuetto")
5. koi wa mizuiro (Love is Light-Blue, also known as "Love is Blue")