Monday, February 27, 2012

I'll Play With Mine, You Play With Your Own

The Mummies
Play Their Own Records

About this site:

"The Mummies were a stupid band.
This is their stupid Website.
You cared about them enough to get this far.
Now you are stupid too.
That's the Mummies' curse."
Side one:

That Girl
Test Drive
I'm Bigger Than You
Dirty Robber
Food, Sickles, And Girls
One By One
Out Of Our Tree
Tall Cool One
A Girl Like You
That's Mighty Childish
(Doin') The Kirk

Side two:
The Fly
The House On The Hill
Brought to you with a bullit today by dgrador.
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C-500 said...

Hey there Trustar!

Thanks for introducing me to
The Mummies, a band I never heard before (can you believe that!)
So I looked around the net and found 3 more. Fantastic!

Trustar said...


Your very welcome.

Stay tuned.


Rockandre said...

Thanks! I love this band!