Sunday, February 05, 2012

Let These Dutch Guys Squeeze Your Brain! Again!

The Anacondas
The Anacondas

Re-upped for Rockandre

The Anacondas started out around early 2000. Band members were Messerschmitt Marzl (drums), Jack Stuka (bass, sometimes rythm guitar), Johnny Torpedo (guitar) and Pete Python (flute, synthesizer). We all got this goofy nick names just for fun, and ofcourse it represents our twisted personalities.

Ever since we saw Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction" and got blasted away by the opening track "Miserlou" by Dick Dale, we wanted to play kick ass, spaced out, groovy, reverb drenched and heavily surf influenced rock 'n' roll. Since then we did lots of shows in Holland, Germany and the U.S.A. in all kindsa clubs like squats, youth centres, tiki bars, pubs, sex clubs, beach clubs, bigger venues like the Amsterdam based Melkweg and Paradiso; we played at private parties and some underground open air festivals. We played in people's living rooms and back yards... Hell, we would play anywhere our backline would fit in... And we still do.


CD (Sonic Rendezvous Records) - 2002

Our first official release. This baby paved the way for lots of Anacondas shows in Holland, Germany and even the USA.Recorded and mixed at the Yland Studios in Amsterdam by Evert Kaatee.You gotta have this!

1)El Nino
2)The Freedom Fighter
3)Mission A'conda
7)Clip The Wrong Wire
8)Bram Pepper Shuffle
10)The 9th Wave
12)Gypsy Queen
13)The Custer Stomp
16)The Curse
19)The Guns Of Brixton.

Get it HERE


Anonymous said...

hey trustar
not to seem ungrateful with all this good stuff but do youhave the anacondas other lp - shakin all over?
thank you
ps loved the surf vid - mor balls than brains!

Trustar said...

Thanks for the comment Barry.

Got Snakin' All Over and will post this week for you.

Check back again


Rockandre said...

Wow! Thank you, T! You made my day!