Sunday, February 05, 2012

Just Snakin' Around

The Anacondas

Snankin' All Over


Ripped by Teisco del Mar @320 w/ 3% Recovery

The Anacondas, a spicy surf band from Amsterdam with a taste for ballroom blitz and psychedelic bizarre. 15 tracks drenched in reverb with again great support from many friends. Also feat is European song completely in Chinese!


1.The Red Baron On Patrol Again
2. King Of The Surf
3. Kalahari
4. The Girl From A Bang Cheng
5. Il Padrino
6. Tucson
7. The Mysterion
8. Disciples Of Tonka
9. Vasovic
10.Pussy Wagon
11.Inspector Souvlaki
12.Ripdeal At Zanderij
13.Them For A Crispy Duck
14.Moonprobe/ Lost In Space
15.El Nino

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