Monday, February 27, 2012

Stockholm's Own ***ReUp***

Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks

Live Emmaboda 2000


For Brandonio

Robert Johnson And Punchdrunks formed in 1992 with influences from early sixties instrumental music and roots in the Swedish "garagerock" (where you can find bands like The Nomads and others). Robert, or Robban as we call him, used to play in the legendary The Bottle-Ups, a band that was linked together with the rest of the garagebands, but had considerably more in common with Link Wray and Dick "Pulp Fiction" Dale.

The first gig ever was at the Pet Sounds Bar in April 1993 and in 1995 they
recorded the debutalbum "Beavershot - Live at Studion2 and released it on their own label.
In 1996 the first studiorecorded record was released - "Feels like Buzz Aldrin". It was recorded in mono at Jo-Allan's Recording Service in Hallstahammar, Västmanland, Sweden. "Feels like Buzz Aldrin" got great reviews; 8 out of 10 in POP Magazine, happy figures and 4 out of 5s and 6 in Dagens Nyheter, SvD, Nöjesguiden etc. It was raised all up to the skies by Per Bjurman at Aftonbladet and Mats Olsson at Expressen.

The later also used Robert as one of the main characters as a rock heroe in his novel "The Lonely Boys2. Later in 1996 after "Feels like Buzz Aldrin" two vinyl 7" were released - "Thrilla in Manilla/Hoss" and in 1997 "Spy Vs Spy/Theme from the Persuaders". Both singles are now released also on CD alltough in other versions.

The third record from Swedens instrumental-trash-kings Robert Johnson And Punchdrunks was released in October 1997 "Aloha from Havana" described as a big step for mankind, a big step from last record "Feels like Buzz Aldrin" and a big step for rockmusic. Also "Aloha from Havana" is recorded at Jo-Allan's Recording Service and of course in mono.

In december 1997 the group played together with bob hund on their "Rock 'n' roll Is Killing Me" tour. bob hund are big admirers of Robert Johnson And Punchdrunks so there was a natural inventation which continued into the studio. Thomas Öberg and Jonas Jonasson did convinced Robert to record the new record in stereo. The two did not only produced the record, they also played bongos and synths. You can listen to the result on, "Fried On The Altar Of Good Taste", which is the groups most exciting record to date. It was released 15th of Mars.The record was then followed by intense touring, playing at festivals such as Hultsfred, Emmaboda, Storsjöyran and several tours in both Denmark and Norway. Punchdrunks toured also in Sweden together with Dipper and First Floor Power. In the fall of -00 Pelle Ögren left the band due to his new job. He was replaced by Kalle Sjöberg. He had already played a few gigs with Punchdrunks. However "Fried" was a big success. The critics loved it and it sold good. The year 2001 started out in the same manor with a tour in Denmark and a performance at the Nomads' 20:th anniversary. Besides this Punchdrunks recorded 2 songs in the Traxton studio. The songs "Groovin With Mr Bloe /Bladerunner" was meant as a single. It was then we got a call from Fredrik Lindström asking us to wright music for his movie "Känd från TV". The summer of 2001 was spent in the Traxton studio with Thomas Öberg and resulted in the album "Cinemascope-A-Dope" released Sept 21:st

1 Intro

2 Ali Baba and The Forty Rubbers Getaway

3 Galvaston Giant

4 Her Majestys Secret Service

5 Punchdrunks Drive A Dragster

6 Dragster

7 Rocket Tru Temper 20 oz

8 Surf As Houdini

9 Sputniak Monroe

10 Adventure Le Tintin

11 Something For Sophia Loren

12 Rope-A-Dope

13 Arabesque

14 Sham

15 Ali Pang

16 Ghost Train

17 Bird Bath 1

18 Bird Bath 2

19 Rumble

20 Thrilla In Manila

21 Hoss

22 Werewolf

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brandonio said...

Trustar, my good friend you have blessed me again. Live RJPD is really cool i'am listening to it at this moment. the recording isn't perfect but who's complaining? these cats really pump out the music. have you checked out their discography? WOW!!! they even have a whole album dedicated to the Legend who started it all LINK WRAY!!!!! I just sent the Sandblasters to you. if there is any artist or group that has been out of your grasp, just ask. Like say for instance Man or Astroman? I have every freakin' thing they have released to date, 45's/ vinyl only songs/tour only cd[never seen this released or posted anywhere]comp only songs. Everything except for some of the John Peel sessions[yes i have the 7"]My main thing is Surf of course... though I have tons of garage , rockabilly, exotic. Just let me know buddy.

Trustar said...

Always gload to help the helpfull B

Been on the look out for more Pollo del Mar if you have any.



Rockandre said...

Gosh! I really wish I could listen to this! Could you please re-up this live gem? Thank you!

Rockandre said...

Thank you for re-posting this, T! Good live recording. I love RJ and Punchdrunks.

ate2zee said...

I thank you for this re-post, too. I haven't listened to it yet, but am excited to do so. My collection of Swedish musicians is growing little by little, and so far its all good.