Sunday, February 19, 2012

There's A Storm Commin' In! ***Again***

The Balboas
Heavy Surf Advisory

This is not music for the faint hearted. This is not music for the weak. Prepare to monkey. Prepare to
...SHAKE IT!!!

Inspired by the music of Dick Dale and the Del-tones, The Lively Ones,The Surfaris, & Agent Orange, the Balboas now bring their own brand of stomp! Lightning fast double picking, crazy tremolo dips, sexy bass grooves, and in your face jungle drumming has the surf world in a frenzy !!!

...Sunday, September 30, 1995, 3:00 PM: We are sitting at the highway rest stop in Elkhart, Indiana, nursing bad hangovers and cursing our bad luck. Rich’s rusted Pontiac has chugged and sputtered its way to the exit ramp and unceremoniously died on the spot. We had just seen Dick Dale play at the Cubby Bear in Chicago the previous evening (if you haven't seen Dick Dale at the Cubby Bear, you haven't seen Dick Dale).
We are on our way to a show in Cleveland when the car shits the bed. 3:05 PM: Two burning questions are answered: 1) Does God exist? and 2) Does He spend much time in Indiana? Dick Dale’s Winnebago pulls into the rest stop. One of Dick’s roadies sees a concert t-shirt and invites us into the RV for an audience with the King of Surf Guitar. Dick gives us t-shirts, autographed pictures, and complains about the quality of the guacamole in his taco salad. 3:45 PM: Rich decides to abandon his car in Indiana, rent another one, and make the Cleveland show. On the way to the show, it is decided that a surf band is needed. Thus, a surf band is formed. The combo, which now aggressively pushes the boundaries of dangerous surf, consists of Rich (lead guitar), Rick (rhythm guitar), Ben (drums), Caitie (bass), & Mark (vocals).
A lot has happened since the Chicago trip. The Balboas (the name is taken from a town in California that was the home of Dale and one time name of his record company) have logged in hundreds of shows building up a solid repertoire of original surf tunes...with a twist. The band released HEAVY SURF ADVISORY in 1997, and followed it with two east coast tours. HSA received national radio air play, and six tracks from the album were used in surf video soundtracks. In 2000, the bands second CD, A LITTLE BIT OF FEAR, was released on the Burn & Surf label, and supported with tours of the Midwest, East Coast, & Europe. 2002 marked the year of the release of the Balboas first full live recording DUVEL'S ADVOCATE: LIVE FROM EUROPE, and a summer West Coast Tour. In between beer runs, these Sleazefest standouts ('99, 2000, & 2001) have made a name on the international touring circuit, playing with bands such as Dick Dale, Slacktone, Agent Orange, Davie Allen and the Arrows, Southern Culture on the Skids, The Dictators, The Frantic Flatops, The Space Cossacks, The Aqualads, The Surftones, Deadbolt, and Satan's Pilgrims.
The Balboas play with an intensity and recklessness that is missing in many of the new wave of surf bands. Serious grooves occur. No one is spared !!! They are as rough on equipment as they are on eardrums. The Balboas are a powerful combination of musicians dedicated to bustin' sticks, strings, and boards.

1. Mister Sin I
2. Mt. Olive
3. Temperance
4. Son Of Dale
5. Rumble
6. Grandma Sandbox
7. Wipe Out
8. Green Death
9. Peter Gunn
10. Tonic
11. Christian Cowgirl
12. Fish Head
13. Surf Beat
14. Mister Sin II

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I have been lookin' for Balboas for a long time, great of to post it, and their story...well, what can I say...they rock OK!

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Glad to help in your search.

Were always lookiing for more hidden jewels to share with the listening masses.

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Could you please re-up The Balboas? Seems like I've missed so much!Thank you!

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Thank you very much! Great stuff!