Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Like My Reverburritos Wet & Hot! ***ReUp***

The Reverburritos

Ripped @ 320 w/ 3% Recovery

From Little Rock, Arkansas!

Originally formed in the summer of '02, the Reverburritos immediately set out to master a wide variety of classic as well as modern "surf/instro" tunes. Steeping themselves in the music of (among others) The Ventures, The Sandblasters, Satan's Pilgrims, Slacktone, Los Straitjackets, Pollo Del Mar, Link Wray, Dick Dale, Herb Alpert, the Aqua Velvets and Man or Astroman?, the band began to develop it's own brand of reverb-soaked instrumental surf madness. The writing of original material soon followed as the band began to hone new "chops" and gain confidence in their own material. The uniqueness of the Reverburritos sound and choice of material sets them apart from the rap/metal, pop/punk and alt country bands that abound in the local Little Rock music scene.Tim Moritz (guitar) has played in and/or been associated with a variety of musical acts including: the Dirt Clods, Groove Handle, Dr. Demento, G.G. Allin and as a solo singer/songwriter. Bruce Hulsey (bass guitar) has played in such local Arkansas legends as: the Caterwaulers and the Gun Bunnies. Last but not least...Paul Shell (drums) has played with the Dirt Clods, the Meanderthals, Kat Hood and Deja Voodoo locally.The indvidual band member's experiences and cohesiveness as musicians give the Reverburritos!! a clearly singular sound. Dubbed by the Little Rock Free Press as "the tightest 3 piece instumental surf band around", the Reverburritos!! are an enjoyable and fun band to experience. Plus... they rock like a mofo! Hope to see you at a show or party near you!

1 Go Pills !
2 Drive By
3 Magic Carpet Shop (Of Horrors)
4 Durn the Torpedoes
5 Hawg Leg
6 Martini Sunset
7 Hammerhead
8 Eleki Gitaa
9 Das Boot
10 County Line Burnout
11 Fistful of Wistful
12 Jumping Bean
13 Tin Star

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Link download The Reverburritos - Widget - 2006 ?

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OK, Here is the link.

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Another one that I came too late to get. Could you please re-up this one as well? Thank you for the great job!

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