Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Spotnicks ***ReUp***

The Spotnicks

Rare Collection


The Spotnicks were a Swedish band that became internationally famous in the 1960's with their own brand of instrumental surf-rock, in a way that could be compared to other bands like "The Shadows" from England or "The Ventures" from the USA.The Gothenburg based rockers had their golden years in the early sixties, with four UK Top 50 chart hits in 1962 and 1963 and many popular tours across Europe, the US and Japan. The band has actually neved stopped playing and are still active today, performing mainly in their homeland Sweden.The Spotnicks were famous for wearing spacesuits during their performances and also for their innovative "space sound" which they obtained adding an anti-feedback device and echo machine to their guitars. Since The Spotnicks were created in 1961, the band has released over 700 songs on 42 albums and have sold more than 18 million records.
Disc 1
1 Kon Tiki
2 Theme From Leningrad
3 The Old Spinning Wheel
4 Two Guitar
5 Ajomes
6 Sekvens 007
7 Watermelon Man
8 Husky
9 Drum Diddley
10 Ach Du Leiber Augustin
11 Stagger Lee
12 C'mon Everybody
13 What A Fool I Was
14 You Don't Have To Be Pretty
15 I'm Gonna Make Your Love Me
16 Manxman Island
17 Jupiter Special
18 Romance D'amour
19 High Noon
20 Tapiola
21 Diamonds
22 Lumpy Gravy
23 Gentle On My Mind
24 I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door

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Disc 2
1 I've Got A Baby
2 Namenlos
3 Memphis
4 Big Boss Man
5 Great Balls Of Fire
6 Shine
7 All Right
8 Ku'damm Promenade
9 Hootenanny Express
10 Shamus O'Toole
11 Funny Mae
12 Boing Meets Girl
13 Big Jump
14 I'm Around
15 How Can You Leave Me Like That
16 You Can Go To Him
17 I'll Never Get You
18 Space Walk


Anonymous said...

Wonderful 2 CD's worth of stuff here,Thanks a lot!
The only thing I noticed is track 1/disc 1 has a small glitch right in the beginning. Is that me or your copy? Thanks anyways,pure pleasure to listen to.

Trustar said...

I checked and you are correct, there is a little hiccup at the very beginning of Kon Tiki. We'll see what we can do to clean it up.


franarts said...

Cd1 link are broken

Trustar said...

CD 1 link fixed.



Rockandre said...

Could you please re-up part 1? It says that the file no longer exists! Part 2 seems to be working fine. Thank you in advance!

Rockandre said...

Thank you very much! On this blog, it's Christmas every day!