Monday, May 07, 2007

More Spicy Italian Stuff

Ray Daytona & Googoobombos

Great Expectations


Due to the great response to the last Ray Daytona album, we are going to run up another one for your listening pleasure

01, Ray' S Own Business
02, Showdown
03, X-Rated Doll
04, Elsa Riverside
05, The Fuzz
06, Adopt The Highway
07, Wipe Out
08, Pipeline
09, Daytona Connection
10, Area 51
11, Toto' The Moko'
12, Gotham City
13, By The Time The Get To Rockaway
14, Real Black King
15, Strict Mistress
16, Sick Of You Baby
17, Blues' Theme
18, Hole In The Ground
19, Have Love Will Travel
20, Boss Hoss
21, Here Like The Cops
22, Death Of Johnny Coast

Check out this wacky video also......

This one is even better. Kickin' some Zombie ass.


Dgrador said...

Thought I'd say hi...
I've been busy recording the new Fiends album.

Rockandre said...

Thank you! Awesome!