Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Hunting We Will Go

Fifty Foot Combo

Go Hunting

The story of FIFTY FOOT COMBO is quite unique for a Belgian band, thrillingly hot and exciting at the same time. Since the starting up of the band, they could count on a very loyal and ever growing fanbase. Soon (late 9ties) came their first full album "GO HUNTING" . The album got praised by any self-respecting surfhead, hailed by even the most critical garagepimp. The 'Combo got launched into the international underground-top of vintagemusic fuzz.

As their reputation kept on growing, live appearances multiplied, and the birth of the so called MONSTROPHONIC sound was a fact ! The power emerging from their livegigs was until then only a rare phenomenon which very few had witnessed before seeing the 'Combo at work. Garage, surf fuzz, exotica, horror and thunder make the 'Combo to be a very infectious experience you'll never forget. It is an undisputable fact that Fifty Foot Combo is one of Belgium's five hottest live-acts, and for some unknown reason they manage to keep on getting more impressive. Smooth but trashy, wild and exciting but stylish...

In the meantime FFC toured all over Europe, and performed bonecrushing concerts on some of the most prestigious stages on the continent. Top-range albums such as "EVIL A GOGO" , "STRIKE" , "CAFFEINE," "LIVE AT ERNESTO'S" and "GHENT-BXL" confirm one by one the general addiction these cats can cause. And still, they keep on burning rubber and spreading their instrumental GoGo sounds all over the planet to anyone in need of some serious Monstrophonic Mayhem. They are a highly regarded guest in of Europe's most fashionable circles !!

1. It's Alive
2. The Tunnel
3. Doe De Duif
4. Inspection #5
5. Robin Boy Wonder
6. Dimitrius
7. The Brain From Planet X
8. I Think I Shot Her
9.Drums A Go-Go
10.The Escape
11. Minesweeper
12. Hully Gully Stomp
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