Monday, May 21, 2007

Come Surf With Me

Aki Aleong & The Nobles

Come Surf With Me

A nice one from 1963 or thereabouts. The Nobles were a hot reverby surf group with some classics such as Earthquake, Body Surf and Hiawatha later covered by the Surfaris amongst others.As was sometimes common in those more innocent times as part of a recording deal the producer got to add his name to the group. Aki Aleong was one such producer and as far as I know did not actually add anything musical to the album.I noticed that Aki was credited as an actor in the Jim Carrey flick Cable Guy. If you look up Aki on imdb he's had a varied career as producer and movie actor and he's still active at over seventy years of age. Anyhow here's the Nobles with one of my favourite vintage surf albums.

Body Surf
Surf Beat
Mary Ann
Gun & Surf
Surf Rider

Shamelessly lifted from Sandy's Surfspot. This site was one of the first blogger sites that I found along with Chrislovesrock that introduced me to the crazy world of blogs. Alas, Sandy has not been updated for many month now so I have taken it upon myself to continue to share some of the fantastic tunage that Sandy brought to our attention in the past.

Sandy, we miss you.


Hodad said...

YEEEES!!! Finally I'm able to listen to the whole album by The Nobles!!! Thank you thousand times for this post!

Lucky said...

you're enthusiasting write-up really put me onto this! i'm not really a connoisseur when it comes to surf, but i really dig the astronauts first album ('surfin with..') and surf maestro dick dale, who started it all (i think...).

btw - i really dig your personal picks, and some of it sure feed my head! ;) --- and to see one of john tenniel's famous drawings for lewis carroll's most famous book, sure adds an extra dimension. i'm a big admirer of carroll/cld... but that's something completely different... well, maybe not.

cheers, lucky

Marcus Mikhail said...

Hello Trustar !!!
I know you're a great surf music fan. Do you know The Torquays ?
A nice instrumental band like Ventures and Dick Dale ?

Marcus Mikhail

Rockandre said...

Wonderful album! Thank you so much for making this available.