Sunday, May 20, 2007

Don't Change That Station!

Channel Surfing With The Astroglides

The Astroglides

The band formed around 1997. Lee-Or was trying to get a group of friends together (none of them knew each other) to start a band, preferably a surf/garage band (and to use the band’s music for a Russ Meyer-style movie). The guy who was supposed to be the guitarist had a baby to take care of, so he was out of the question. Lee-Or asked Ran if he was interested, and Ran, having just divorced, jumped on the opportunity. The guys met and were talking about rehearsing, but nothing materialized until Ran booked a rehearsal at a Tel Aviv rehearsal room. Back then the band consisted of a drummer, a bass player, Ran (on guitar) and Lee-Or (bonding everyone together, bringing ideas, and trying to find a way to fit in musically). After a while, the band started developing the musical style, Ran and Lee-Or realized the Theremin would be the best way to make Lee-Or a musician, so that was added. Over that time, many people came and went, for different reasons, one of them was Jonathan, who was the second drummer, but left to go to Australia for a few years. The first gig was in the summer of 1999. More members came and went (if you count the changes, there have been around 15 different line ups), we recorded 2 albums, gigged mostly in central Israel, and finally Jonathan came back as a guitarist, which helped push creativity a lot. Our third and most recent album, "Channel Surfing With… The Astroglides" is the fruit of this process.


Rockandre said...

Great stuff! Thank you!