Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Here Come The Sunz

My Three Sunz



The Sunz formed in London in 1980 and moved state side to Milwaukee in the summer of 1985. They had heard about the thriving music scene in Beer city . So they jetted there way here. Once they set up camp on Milwaukee's East side. They began establishing there rock steady doses of punk, surf ,rock core . To which Beaumont one member mildly stated "We were not your A typical American hardcore type band we had hard working English backgrounds. We kind of brought that English punk, early mod movement to the table. I think that was reflective in our music". That being said the Sunz enjoyed college radio success. Loved playing their shows around the midwest and in their home land of England. Last I heard Bill was living in Brooklyn . Barry is back in Liverpool and Mikky Rad is in South Carolina. As for a reunion show it is not likely . As one member put it. "We have all moved on to other projects. That and the fact we are all spread out around the globe."
James A Blackman The Liverpool Express. Liverpool, England

1. I've Got Nothing
2. Rocker
3. Straight Time Rock
4. Wheres Our Trechcoats
5. Skateboarding Trend
6. Seaside Punk


Anonymous said...

this band was so rad joy division meets surf.