Tuesday, February 09, 2010

May I Have The Final Dance?

Los Coronas
El Baile Final De Locos Y Los Cuerdos
VBR 200+

Any further reference to Los Coronas is welcome because in its own, authentic rock instrumental phenomena. Twenty years in business and a handful of discs that are and have been referenced within the European and international circuit. 

Before this kind of music that was fashionable in the nineties Tarantino Madrid combo war was already taking a long time. On this occasion ... The final dance of the mad and the sane, what with Kaki Arkarazo recorded, mixed and mastered in the U.S., in Tucson and Ventura, with two large and Schummacker and JJ Craig Golden.

Anyone who thinks that Los Coronas is just a surf instrumental group in the old style of the Ventures and Dick Dale is a little wrong because in this new installment dare to tango, the western, rumba and paso doble. 

Versions with the fortune 'Libertwango' (Imeem), Astor Piazzola, via Grace Jones, and marked a "radioactive Riders' (Imeem) that is not just a border check of" Radioactivity "by Kraftwerk, a band that at the time also presented the brilliant The Treble Spankers, and 'Ghost Riders In The Sky "by Stan Jones.

In 'Alamerde', the only moment you step off the bar, retrieved the voice of Fernan Gomez as a tribute to them has been perfect and the quartet that finally lost to Oscar Ybarra, Marlango busy with full time, he has surrounded in recording Jairo Zavala (DePedro, The Vacazul), and trumpeter Jose Alberto Varona, but has signed to direct a trumpeter who say Ukrainian is the bomb.

Tremendous is 'Blood on the Sand', a clear reference court specifically Spanish and taurine, as well as the environment 'Curro Jiménez' from 'The rumbaleros', on the spaghetti western in 'Rancho Leone' (Imeem), tuning frontier 'Aguascalientes' or marine scents 'Big wave riders'. Recommended is an understatement.

01. Libertwango
02. Big Wave Riders
03. Sangre en la Arena
04. Soul Surfer
05. Los Rumbaleros
06. Aguascalientes
07. El Baile Final
08. Rancho Leone
09. Jinetes Radiactivos
10. Alamerde
11. El Descastao
12. Calle Tesoro

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Rodrigo R. Herrera said...

Great stuff, one of my favorites of 2009.
I have the Mexican edition released by Isotonic records that includes 2 bonus tracks and art of Dr. Alderete's just that for the moment my computer is damaged just give me a couple of weeks and I'll share you.

GSD said...

Great Surf Band and even more Great
if you can see them LIVE
a really Rock n Roll experience!!!