Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Listen Loudest!

The Bambi Molesters
Play Out Of Tune

Originally released as a cassette in 1995, this was the debut release from a cool instro act out of Croatia. Well, actually, they do some singing on this release, but I believe their later releases are all instro. That said, this is a good selection of punk, garage, R&B and surf songs, including covers of "Good Times" (Nobody's Children), "I Can't Believe It" (Pere Ubu) and "Little Beach Bunny" (The Sunsets a.k.a. Gary Usher). Their own songs are quite cool, with some catchy riffs permeating tunes like "She's So Soft inside" and "I Can't Believe It." Special mention should also go to "Charles Brown Manson" for its hilarious song title! Alan Wright


1   Wanganui 
2   She's So Soft Inside
3   1000 Songs
4   Idle Moments 
5   Her Delta's Blues
6   Good Times
7   Catatonya
8   Little Beach Bunny
9   Cradle Snatcher
10  I Can't Believe It
11  Charlie Brown Manson

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