Friday, February 12, 2010

How Much Reverb Do You Want Senor???

The Wet Tones
Mucho Reverbo

Find out while attending at hot rod races and while riding flaming motorbikes, loaded with surf, rockabilly, cocktail lounge and punk rock, The Wet-Tones fill their last album Mucho Reverbo with 11 incredible tracks of pure instrumentsl surf, played with a committed punk '77 attitude. Influenced by Los Straitjackets, Ramones, Rocks, Ventures and Link Wray, they add modern rhythms to a vintage background, realizing a pure r’ n ‘ roll song like Bikini, an attonishing 7th Wave, the grim mood of Lightning Strike and the tribal sounds of Apache Trail. Go and see ' em live: The Wet-Tones are either F.B.I. surf department agents or wild leopard masks!

1 Mr.X
2 Bikini
3 Apache Trail
4 Playa Piranha
5 Lightning Strike
6 Bonecrasher
7 If I Had a Hammer
8 Tropicana
9 Surfin'the Casbah
10 The 7th Wave
11 Mucho Reverbo

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Toxxy said...

This one gotta be blast! Thx very much for letting us hear it T, much appreciated! Cheers buddy!