Thursday, February 11, 2010

Looking Back To The Future

The Mighty Gordinis
The Future Looks Like Yesterday
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It was the summer of 1998. My former band, the VICE BARONS, was going nowhere fast so we decided to call it a day. At the same time, I was contacted by some loudmouth VBs fan that had christened himself JACK CARBU and had busted my nuts for weeks to come and play some guitar with him.

Since I had nothing else to do, I told him I'd come along but only if we could find a bass player and a drummer. As a matter of fact, I knew that MARTIN, who drove the van whenever the VBs went on tour, played some bass. JACK said he knew a drummer. But on the day we finally all met, it appeared that the guy wasn't much of a drummer. So after a couple of months we had to let him go. Drummers have always been a problem ever since.

At present times, NICO who's also the brains behind THE MOON INVADERS and all around nice guy is sitting behind the drum kit. He is our ninth drummer. What band can out beat that?

In 1999, the German label KAMIKAZE released our first E.P. "Burnout in Vegas". It included "Thunderbird stomp" that was a stage favourite for a very long time and also the scary "52 miles to terror". But the sound on the B-side was so dreadful we had to pretend it was recorded live though it wasn't. I guess it fooled no one.

Our debut full-length recording, called "KISS MY WHEELS was released in 2000 on DEMOLITION DERBY (vinyl) and DRUNKABILLY (CD). Here again it provided some stage favourites such as "My baby wants to brainwash my mind", "let's party all night" or the moronic "next stop: pussyville" always sure to start a pogo. It had some fine instro moments as well such as "The theme from cream pie" or "Minge surfin" .In my personal CD collection it is filed between THE METHADONES and THE MOONEY SUZUKI. And this is exactly where it belongs.

In 2002, the second LP, « FOR BOSOMANIACS ONLY », kinda visual tribute to RUSS MEYER, was only released on vinyl on Demolition Derby. Despite such fine tracks as "Mustang driving woman" or "American Revolution" nobody was really happy with this record as far as the sound was concerned. I spent hours and hours in the studio trying to fix the drum sound but is was crappy right from the start and there was no way to set it right.

In 2004 we recorded a four track EP under the name LES GORDINIS. It was supposed to contain 4 French songs in a very sixties style (think Jacques DUTRONC or Ronnie BIRD) unfortunately it never came out. But who knows, maybe one day....

Our third full-length release is issued since february 2006 on vinyl and cd on CHERRY BOMB. It's entitled FUELED ON FUZZ and it's totally instrumental. It has a lot of samples on it in the vein of MAN OR ASTROMAN though. And none other than Pierre VERVLOESEM who previously produced dEUS mixed it. Isn't this a small world after all?

And for you trivia fans: the name of the band comes from AMEDEE GORDINI, a former race driver, who became famous for preparing racing engines, first on his own and later for the REGIE RENAULT. He began, in the late fifties on the RENAULT DAUPHINE, then did his most famous work on the RENAULT 8, which under the Gordini version, became one the most winning rally and racing cars of his generation.

The man with the white Jaguar

Heavy soul X-plosion
R'n'R Congregation
Out of luck
Don'tcha love T-Rex?
Savage fuzz
Five eyed monster
Hole in my head
Babylon dolls
Man you need
Hallucination mash
Hollywood girl
Don't treat me like a dog
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Dude, that's my favorite GORDINI's record. Eric KNOXX