Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who's Love - What Love?

Another in our continuing efforts to expand our horizons and yours. A very nice and soulful tune. Looking forward to hearing the complete album. Enjoy.


On the upcoming Si*Sé Gold EP, singer/DJ Carol C’s voice evokes a sophisticated sensuality, singing in English and Spanish over producer Cliff Cristofaro’s post-trip-hop grooves. The band also includes drummer Ryan Farley, bassist Morgan Phillips, percussionist Neil Ochoa and violinist Nicole Arena.

For the single “This Love,” Carol turned to Cristofaro for a “Motown-ish track.” He was ready for the request, pulling out a sweetly spaced rhythm with plenty of room for Carol’s dream-like vocals to fly over: her heartfelt convictions, one which has caused innumerable fans to connect to her with, is in full force here. “I was talking to many different people around the same time,” she says, “and they all seemed to be in search of the perfect love. This song came out of those conversations.” The producer Cliff, also known as The Crystal Pharoah, provides a divine slice of disco cut with trilling string trimmings.

Look out for the full EP, Gold, coming on March 9th.