Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What Kind Of Girls Do You Think We Are??

Frank Zappa

Zapped @ a roaring 320 w/ 3% Recovery


FZ:OZ (pronounced "eff-zee oh-zee"; in imitation of "Aussie") is a live album by Frank Zappa, released in 2002 as a two-CD set and is the first release on the Vaulternative Records label from the Zappa Family Trust. It contains almost all of a January 20, 1976 concert at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney, Australia.

Only one reel-to-reel tape machine was available to record the concert, however, resulting in gaps in some songs as the tape needed to be changed. These gaps have been filled in with bootleg recordings from the same tour. As a result there is a drop in sound quality during these sections, but the concert is preserved almost in its entirety.

Much of the featured material had not been released at the time of the recording, including "Canard Toujours", which later became "Let's Move to Cleveland", then later changed to Kreega Bondola, which was included on Does Humor Belong in Music? (1986) and several tracks that would later appear on Zoot Allures (1976). One song, "Kaiser Rolls", appears for the first time on FZ:OZ, and in two versions—the recording from the concert, which has had a missing section edited in, and a rehearsal version recorded before the start of the tour which is included at the end of disc two, entitled "Kaiser Rolls (Du Jour)". Wiki


CD 1

"Hordern Intro (Incan Art Vamp)"
"The Poodle Lecture"
"Dirty Love"
"Filthy Habits"
"How Could I Be Such a Fool?"
"I Ain't Got No Heart"
"I'm Not Satisfied"
"Black Napkins"
"Advance Romance"
"The Illinois Enema Bandit"
"Wind Up Workin' in a Gas Station"
"The Torture Never Stops"


CD 2

"Canard Toujours"
"Kaiser Rolls"
"Find Her Finer"
"Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy"
"Lonely Little Girl"
"Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance"
"What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body?"
"Chunga's Revenge"
"Zoot Allures"
"Keep It Greasy"
"Dinah-Moe Humm"
"Camarillo Brillo"
"Muffin Man"
"Kaiser Rolls (Du Jour)"

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