Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sick Day Every Day


 Los Angeles, CA: Shiragirl is releasing Scream! Spit! Sing! June 5 in conjunction with Conquer Entertainment. At first listen, Shiragirl comes off as in your face, fearless, true to her art. Shira is all those things...what do you expect from a protégé of Tim Armstrong (Rancid), Joan Jett and other punk rock luminaries? Yet Shira is smart...scary smart...and her honest, hard-hitting brand of  music is only one of the many layers to Shira. Shiragirl has shared a stage with Rancid, Joan Jett, NOFX and Donita Sparks, among many others. Shira sees something she wants, and doesn't hesitate to go after it.

 Shira's debut single "Sick Day" has been released first on her "un-label" from Conquer Entertainment, available exclusively at and will NOT be available on the album. Conquer Entertainment is a program which offers artists all of the benefits of a label without signing them. Through a membership to the program, artists maintain their independence and control their career; including creative control  and ownership of their masters. 

 Boasting such fans as Rancid's Tim Armstrong, Joan Jett and many other rock luminaries, Shiragirl is perhaps best known for literally crashing the Warped Tour in '04. "We drove our pink RV into the gates of Warped Tour and set up right opposite the skate ramp. Doors opened and everyone came running over to see what all the pink was about. We played a fun and raucous set with our lo-fi sound system. Then Kevin Lyman walked by and we figured we were done for. So I walked up to him to say hello, and he smiled and said, 'Shira! So you on for the whole tour now?' He was impressed with our chutzpah. From there I put together a proposal for a whole all-girl Shiragirl Stage. I wanted to provide a platform for girls to play on the tour, since there weren't any at the time. The next summer we hosted over 200 bands all over US and Canada, including Paramore. The following year is when Joan Jett graced our stage. Running the stage was a LOT of work, but it was for a good cause."  Shiragirl will also be appearing on select dates during the 2010 Warped Tour.

Shira loves to perform live, and all the songs she writes are autobiographical. "It depends on the show...sometimes it's scary as hell to perform onstage, like standing naked in front of a crowded room. Sometimes it's incredible, it feels like I'm on top of the world. Those are the times when I'm truly able to connect with the audience. And when I get feedback...positive or negative...that's the best, because that's how I know people are actually listening. Our live show is very in your face, aggressive, and sexy. At the same time we try to change it up and throw in some vulnerable moments." 

"Shiragirl is the perfect fit for me, " Shira continues. "I need to perform like I need to breathe. I want people to feel inspired to create art of their own. I don't have the greatest voice in the world, but I do have things to say. I want people to feel like they can do it too. I want to take over the music industry with my all-girl band and show that we can do it BETTER than the big boys," Shira laughs. "I want to find our audience and have everyone singing our songs. 

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