Friday, August 21, 2009

Sass-y Girl

Sass Jordan
Ripped @ a rippin' 320
Biography by John Bush
Sass Jordan joined her first band, the News, after she learned to play bass at the age of 17. Four years later, she left the band and, by 1985, had begun a solo career. After two singles ("Steel on Steel" and "No More"), Jordan's debut album, Tell Somebody, appeared in 1988. The Montreal native became a national success with the album-titled single and released Racine in 1992 and Rats two years later.
Review by Alex Henderson
Sass Jordan never sounded more focused, confident and inspired than she does on Rats, which is undeniably her finest album. Some of Jordan's '80s efforts didn't fully illustrate just how compelling a singer she can be, but that's no problem on Rats. This CD finds the whiskey-voiced Canadian doing what she does best: tough, gritty, no-nonsense rock & roll with soul/R&B overtones and a heavy dose of blues feeling. Although Jordan is very much her own person, there's no denying the strong influence Tina Turner has had on her singing -- and Turner's influence serves Jordan impressively well on such gutsy, down-and-dirty offerings as "Ugly," "Damaged" and "Pissin' Down." If fact, this is the sort of rockin' album one wishes Turner would have recorded in 1994 (which isn't to say that the slick, glossy pop/rock and pop/R&B Turner provided in the 1990s wasn't enjoyable). With Jordan, Steve Salas and Nick Didia handling the production and studio ace Michael Wagener doing most of the mixing, all of the pieces fit together perfectly on Rats. This album was definitely Jordan's crowning achievement.
1 Damaged
2 Slave
3 Pissin' Down
4 High Road Easy
5 Sun's Gonna Rise
6 Head
7 Ugly
8 I'm Not
9 Honey
10 Wish
11 Breakin'
12 Give
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derkroenung said...

Hi Mr. Truestar

133x thanks

I was "offline" for more than one year. Now I have to search for new music. You can't imagine how glad I am to see your blog online. A lot of my old Bookmarks are offline or you need to be invited (I'm sad about Mr. Redondos Blog, because I have no idea how it works).
So I have to recover some ground. For the first time I have started 133 downloads, without saying thanks in every comment. So 133x thanks.

Keep on Running.
Greetings from Rainy Germany.

Trustar said...

Welcome back to the "real" world Mike. Glad you found us here and liked so many of the offerings.

You can find mredondo over at MAS (in the sidebar) He is still rockin' it in some new digs.

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