Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cream Of The Crop

The Yardbirds
Blue Eyed Blues
Put together from different Yardbirds studio albums, featuring the talents of the three lead guitarists who went on to become stars in their own right. Originally released in 1972, this was repackaged as Blue Eyed Blues: Charly Blues Masterworks, Vol 20 in 1992, adding an additional 4 tracks.
01. 23 Hours Too Long
02. Out On The Water Coast
03. Five Long Years
04. I Aintt Got You
05. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
06. Little Red Rooster (Rehearsal)
07. Little Red Rooster
08. Highway 49
09. Wang-Dang-Doodle
10. Im A Man
11. Jeffs Blues
12. I See A Man Downstairs
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Exeter said...

I've been a Yardbirds fan ever since
they first recorded anything, and I've
never seen or heard of this item!
Thanks a bunch!

Trustar said...


Yes, tis a strange one. Very difficult to find much detailed info on it other then it was repackaged in later years.

Thanks for dropping in.