Saturday, August 22, 2009

This Will Get Your Ass Up In The Morning!

Fifty Foot Combo
Ripped @ a hyper 320
Following their 3 successfull albums "Go hunting", "Evil a go go" and "Strike" the Monstrophonic Sound continues with this long awaited 4th release "Caffeine". Though this album includes their typical slowgrindin' & hardstompin' influences, Fifty Foot Combo presents it with a fresh twist. It's the combo sound we all know so well, yet with the music fixed on new and unexpected horizons. The release did not go unnotices, resulting in interviews on national radio and leading magazines... The Monstrophonic Sound is back !
1 Sugar No Cream
2 Buzzzz
3 The Great Caffeine Comedown
4 Triplexpresso
5 Bali Ha'i
6 Theme from F.A.C.T.S.
7 Dr. Hammonds Private Stash
8 Le Dimanche Matin
9 Chocolate Revenge, Pt. 2
10 Cooper
11 Gauchos
12 Black and Hot Like My Women
13 Can I Have Some Brandy with That?
Get your coffee jones HERE


WYV said...

Excellent choice T. one of my top ten surf bands. Also good artwork.

cheers (coffee that is)

Trustar said...

Good to hear from you WYV!

Hope the sunny island life is agreeing with you.

Glad this one caught you eye (& ears)