Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Go! Go! Go!

The Supertones
The Supertones Are Go!
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Surf music rules the Universe and The Supertones are it's royal ambassadors. Robert Silverstein, editor of 20th Century Guitar Magazine says, "The Supertones are great. Clearly one of the best American (and the entire world's) guitar-based instrumental bands." Digitally remixed and remastered for the first time on CD and back by popular demand are the two seminal albums, "The Wet Set" and "Ride The Wild Twang!", from the most influential modern East Coast surf instrumental combo - The Supertones. Alan Taylor writes in Pipeline Magazine, "The Supertones Are Go! is a compilation of remarkable quality. It's not just the playing or indeed the strong material, but the sympathetically appropriate range of sounds they use on each track. These guys clearly care about capturing the sounds of the '60s, and they do it really well."
1 The Wet Set
2 Oceanside
3 Hot Line
4 Channel Nine
5 Surfista
6 Dr. Yes
7 Surf Rider
8 Harbor Patrol
9 Avanti
10 Flamenco Surf
11 Lullaby of the Leaves
12 Freefall
13 Last Ride
14 Hawaii 5-O
15 K-39
16 Diamonds-A-Go-Go
17 Torque Wrench
18 Mr. Moto
19 Sand Pumper
20 Out of Limits
21 Wingnut
22 Rumble
23 Supertone Surf
24 Bulldog
25 1,000 Ft. Rd.
26 Walk, Don't Run
27 Rawhide
28 Telstar
29 Penetration
30 Runaway
31 No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)
32 Bumble Bee Twist
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& Part 2 HERE