Sunday, August 23, 2009


Will be out of commision for a little bit. Have to move the Trustar Vibrations control room.
But... we will be more than glad to accept comments!
"Now where did that green wire go?"


mandotodd said...

this is a great blog - you're doing a great job! i check in everyday. thanks a million!!

Curty Ray said...

The green wire goes next to the blue gray wire, isn't it obvious!

See ya


derkroenung said...

I'm back online again and have to recover some ground...

I find soooo much good music here.

Thanks a lot

Mredondo said...

Nice pic T...

Hope you're back soon. I'm taking a break as well, but because I need to focus on some training I'm doing - Flash and Action Scripting stuff. I'm gonna redesign my portfolio in Flash to give it some animation.

Anyways, I hope you are well bro!!


barkingdog said...

Hey T,

Judging by your comment at Twilightzone, you've worked out where the green wire goes eh.

Looking forward to some posts.

Cheers...the dog